The KKK in Spain

Just kidding! I hope I got your attention though. Look at the pictures that I’ve attached to this post, and tell me what you think. The first time I saw them on the streets of Sevilla, I almost peed my pantalones! Turns out, Spain does not harbor a secret cell of the Ku Klux Klan. Instead, this is apart of the four hundred year old ritual that takes place every Semana Santa (Holy Week) in the rather Catholic southern Spanish autonomy of Andalusia. Thousands of people descend upon Sevilla during Holy Week, and it is notorious for the grand processions through the streets at all hours of the night (some started at 4 AM!). Some time ago (like 400 years), people would write their sins on their hoods and proceed to walk around town anonymously showing their sins. They accompany float-like pasos, which depict the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ as well as the reaction of his mother, Mary. I highly recommend Sevilla, at least 10/10, it was amazing (especially for Holy Week). I have never experienced anything like it and doubt I ever will.


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