A weekend in Barcelona

After three weeks of traveling, I finally got to spend a weekend in Barcelona. On Friday I went to the beautiful Costa Brava town on Palamos, where there I fileted a fish (I even had to cut off its head šŸ˜¦ ). Yesterday, I went to the ancient Roman city of Tarragona, which is about an hour south of Barcelona. Both were amazing times that let me experience the culture of a more rural Spanish setting!

Thursday I went to a party thrown by my university, and there they had the cultural activity of castelles, which is where people build human towers. Google it, it is amazing! They had 5 rows of people and then they fell!!! Amazing.

Hope all is well in the USA. I see that it is about 60 degrees in Pittsburgh right now, so maybe global warming isnĀ“t so bad LOL. If only our president believed in it! Everyone in Spain is so curious about he who must not be named. They think the Americans are a bunch of idiots LOL!!! I canĀ“t say that the SpaniardsĀ“assessment is wrong, though.

Hasta nunca USA. IĀ“m staying in Spain.



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