This past weekend I was fortunate enough to go visit Paris! A wonderful city with tons of history. I was able to see the Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacré-Cœur, and eat lots and lots and lots of macarons and crepes!

I was there from Friday until Sunday, and I was even able to meet up with a fellow Tartan abroad, Keval Gala. I had a wonderful time being exposed to a beautiful culture, even though I think Barcelona is better than Paris.


Tarragona and Cooking Lessons

Hola all!

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to go to the coastal city of Tarragona, which is about an hour south of Barcelona. It used to be an Ancient Roman city, and the ancient ruins from that time remain there still today! I was surprised to learn what an impact Ancient Rome had on the country of Spain. We got a tour of the city and then were able to explore it on our own for a couple of hours. It was really beautiful and I hope I can go back!

The Monday after this expedition I went to a Spanish cooking lesson, where I was able to cook traditional Spanish food and then eat it after! It was a lot of fun, and I cannot wait to go back to the US and show off my mastery cooking skills of the Spanish cuisine. We cooked tortilla de patata, paella, pan con tomate, crema catalunya, and an amazing Romesco sauce that we dipped veggies in. #amazing

Every tourist spot in Barcelona in 7 days

Hola again! It feels like I’ve been in Spain forever and ever and ever, but as it turns out, I’ve only been here 10 days. I sort of don’t want to leave ever! (Sorry people from CMU and fam that are reading this)

This week I’ve started classes, although none on Fri-yay. I’ve been lucky enough to go to the major spots in Barcelona, like the Sagrada Familia, the Barcelona Cathedral, and Las Ramblas. The Sagrada Familia is like nothing I have ever seen before in my life. When I first saw it my jaw literally dropped!!

My host family has been amazing! They are a mom and a dad and three daughters, ages 8, 9, and 13, and could not be nicer or more welcoming.


Hola! Welcome to my blog. I am writing to you from Barcelona, Spain, where I will be studying abroad this semester. I arrived last Wednesday, but unfortunately have not been able to update my blog because I was recovering from a severe case of jetlag!!! (I still am, lol). I am taking classes at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and my program is CIEE. There are about 300 other students from America in my program, so if I ever want to talk about how much I miss Chipotle, it will be ok. I am living in a homestay with a family that has three daughters whose ages are 8, 9, and 13, so they still think that I am cool and help me translate words when I have trouble. I cannot wait to write more about my time in Spain!!!! Hasta luego.


p.s. Here are some pictures from when I went to El Bunker del Carmel, where you can see all of Barcelona!